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Welcome back to a new year!

We are in the middle of winter and I would encourage you to make sure that your children are dressed appropriately for being outside during recess.  A warm coat, a hat, and gloves are important for our children to wear in order to stay warm outside.

I also want to let you know that I am in the process of gathering information that might support a kindergarten schedule change.  I am doing a survey as described below to help me understand what kind of schedule would be most beneficial for kindergarten next year.


Half Day Kindergarten vs Alternate Day Kindergarten 

Currently Pioneer Elementary in Preston has two (2) schedule options available for kindergarten, either half day or alternate day as defined below.  Having two kindergarten schedules is problematic because:  it is difficult to insure equality of opportunity for each schedule (field trips, support services, rotational programs, etc.), it is impossible to give each family the schedule that they desire, and different schedules may not give students an equal education in kindergarten.  For those reasons, Pioneer Elementary is seeking input from educators and parents to try and determine if we should change what we are doing.  All information gathered will be shared with the Preston School District School Board as they make the decisions regarding kindergarten.  Your responses to this questionnaire will help us determine what is best! 

If you know families who do not yet have children in school or who may not be aware of this survey, please reach out to them so that they can complete the survey and have their opinions heard and valued. 

Your responses to this survey are confidential. 

Terms used in this survey: 

Half day:  class meets Monday through Thursday 

                                  mornings (8:00 – 11:30) or afternoons (12:15 – 3:45) 

Alternate day:  class meets all day (8:00 – 3:45) two days a week 

                                           either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday 

As soon as the survey is created there will be a link for you to follow so you can take the survey.


Thanks for being a part of Pioneer Elementary!

Dan Wendt, Principal

Pioneer Elementary



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